Montessori Toys for 3 Year Olds

A truly magical time begins when your child reaches 3 years of age. Emotionally, they are learning compassion, and their language becomes a bit more conversational. However, be prepared, because all those endless “whys”, “whens,” “wheres,” and similar questions are coming your way. 

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Milestones for three-year-olds

Don’t be fooled. It is highly likely that your three-year-old is actually capable of following simple instructions. Sometimes, they just choose not to. It’s all a part of their charm. Among the milestones for three-year-olds are also the ability to dress, use utensils like spoon or fork to a degree, and much more. Here are some milestones for three-year-olds that are more about cognitive and motor skills development - easy to nurture with proper toys. Your 3-year-old is:

  • Able to draw a simple shape when instructed
  • Capable of performing fine motor skills tasks using fingers
  • Follows storyline and recognizes character activities in a story book
  • Understands counting and numbers

How to choose Montessori toys for three-year-olds? 

Here are some picks from professionals when it comes to choosing toys for inquisitive three-year-olds. All of the Montessori toys from this category will be a good choice, but if you need more guidance and you are new to the Montessori toys, here are some evergreen options.

Montessori Bee Box - Patience, fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, matching, and pinching motions - all of these are practiced when playing with this cute toy. It is just what a 3-year-old needs to thrive.

Montessori Happy Puzzles - Colorful puzzles will keep your toddler engaged, and they will also need to practice problem-solving, understanding the bigger picture, correlation of the elements that form a picture, and more. Once they figure out which piece goes where, your child will also need to practice their fine motor skills and put them together. 

Montessori Magic Reusable Book - Since your toddler is now capable of holding a pen and doodling, this magic reusable book is probably the best way for them to enjoy this activity without consequences for your furniture. You just need to make sure that they are using the water pen and the doodles will disappear in time, keeping your kid engaged.

What are good Montessori wooden toys for 3 year olds?

Every list of good Montessori wooden toys for 3 year olds should include Montessori Wooden Stones (21 Pieces) and Montessori Double-Sided Puzzle (5 Pack). Both of these toys are engaging, fun, and made out of high-quality wood. However, Wooden Stones are more of an open-ended toy that requires more imagination, while Double-Sided Puzzle is a close-ended game that can give your 3 year old a sense of accomplishment.

What are the best Montessori toys for 3 year old girls?

If you’re choosing the best Montessori toys for 3 year old girls, you should look into Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book. Colorful tangram pieces and easy-to-understand instruction illustrations will make this an engaging gift that can be enjoyed by kids of different ages. Montessori Wooden Puzzles (4 Pack) allow your 3 year old girl to create her own toy by putting together colorful puzzles and enjoying herself along the way.
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