Montessori Toys for 1 Year Olds

Knowing how much a child’s brain develops in the first few years has made us pay special attention to our toy design. We create them to help nurture movement, which is crucial for one-year-olds making their first steps. Young children, at some point, start acting semi-independent. They eat with their fingers, assist parents while they dress them, and turn the pages of a soft book. These toys will help them develop hand-eye coordination, the most important thing besides learning to walk.


The Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend any screen time before 18 months of age. Whether on TV or a tablet, children do not understand that the symbols on the screen represent the objects in the real world. That's why providing these toys to your child during that period is important.

Important to know when choosing Montessori toys for toddlers

Children of this age are like little sponges that absorb information around them. Therefore, there must be adequate Montessori toys surrounding them. During this period, infants develop various skills:

  • Fine motor skills (feeding themselves or drawing)
  • Gross motor skills (walking, running, or climbing)
  • Language (saying single words or referring to themselves with pronouns)
  • Hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch senses
  • Social skills (negotiating, playing with others, sharing, and cooperating)

The best Montessori toys for 13-18 month olds

This is the transitional period from infant to toddler, so it is essential to develop balance and fine motor skills. That's why providing them with adequate toys to promote those skills is crucial. The Montessori Bee Box is made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood and teaches various essential abilities for toddlers, such as dexterity, hand-eye coordination, counting, and color sorting

A toy that will help your child understand the first mathematical principles and concepts like size and how to sort different shapes is the Montessori Happy Puzzles (6 Pack). The endless possibilities of the Montessori Shape Blocks help your child comprehend object interaction, contrasting materials, and textures while strengthening color recognition.

Why is Montessori important from day one?

As 85% of the brain develops in the first three years, it is essential to include adequate toys during that period. That's when the brain can learn the most, so providing your child with Montessori toys is very beneficial.


Every child will pass through the stages of development at their own pace. Adults need to remember what their role is and what it is not. We need to provide opportunities and accessibility to each new phase. The rest is up to the child. They will develop, and they should do so in their own time.

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