Montessori Toys for 1 Year Olds

Montessori toys for one-year-olds are created so they offer support in reaching developmental milestones. They are engaging and encouraging, but at this age - safety comes first. 

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Milestones for one-year-olds

Your beautiful baby is turning into a toddler. During this exciting time, your child will begin to understand words like “yes” or “no,” and even some more complex directions like “come” and “here.” They will also try and pronounce them, which may or may not always be accurate, but it will always be super-cute.

Milestones for one-year-olds also include your toddler starting to recognize people from their everyday lives and becoming more sociable. You can expect their first “dada” and “mama” during this period. Spending quality time with them is essential in this period so that they can develop their language skills, as well as their budding social skills. 

You can always help them develop properly by carefully choosing toys for them. Cognitive and motor skill milestones for one-year-olds will include:

  • Putting things into containers
  • Finding things that are hidden or blocked from their view
  • Developing pinching fine motor skills by holding objects with forefinger and thumb
  • Following a simple storyline in a book

We have just the toys to help them tackle these challenges and grow bigger and smarter.

How to choose Montessori toys for one-year-olds?

Keep their developmental milestones in mind - or, even better, take a look at the recommendations from the professionals. Here are some amazing toys that will help promote all the right motor and cognitive skills of a lovely one-year-old.

Montessori Object Permanence Box - Very simple and very effective toy. Your child will be drawn to the interesting shape and color of the red ball, trying to find a way to play with it. They will develop motor skills such as grasping and hand-eye coordination but also enjoy problem-solving and understanding spatial concepts and relations.

Montessori Shape Blocks - It’s had to beat the good old shape blocks - especially when they come with a Montessori twist to them. Just the right size, just the right material. Your child will practice their motor skills and trigger the muscles in their hands ad fingers trying to grasp and hold different shapes. Figuring out the shape blocks container and how to get those blocks in and out of it will be a real treat. Not to mention - this toy is a good “conversation starter” about simple words for shapes and colors.

Montessori Vegetable Set - Learning about relations, spatial concepts, shapes, sizes, and all of that good stuff is extra fun when it comes in the form of cute vegetable toys. This toy is quite similar to the shape blocks in terms of exercising your child’s motor and cognitive skills, but it also has many lovely details that will inspire that pinching movement that one-year-olds develop at this time.

What are the best Montessori toys for 13-18 month olds

This is the transitional period from infant to toddler, so it is essential to develop balance and fine motor skills. That's why providing them with adequate toys to promote those skills is crucial. The Montessori Bee Box is made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood and teaches various essential abilities for toddlers, such as dexterity, hand-eye coordination, counting, and color sorting.

Why is Montessori important from day one?

As 85% of the brain develops in the first three years, it is essential to include adequate toys during that period. That's when the brain can learn the most, so providing your child with Montessori toys is very beneficial.


Every child will pass through the stages of development at their own pace. Adults need to remember what their role is and what it is not. We need to provide opportunities and accessibility to each new phase. The rest is up to the child. They will develop, and they should do so in their own time.

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