Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Montessori toys to every home in the world. We wish to break the taboo of saying Montessori education is expensive and inaccessible to everyone. We believe every child deserves to have the same starting point in learning and education. We aim to help children improve their focus and communication skills since it is becoming more difficult to grab their attention in the world of digital technologies, the internet, and video games. 


Children are the future of this world, and we must do everything to provide them with the environment and tools that encourage the development of their talents. In this mission, we need you! Your feedback is of the utmost importance to improving our work regarding your child's needs.

A little girl lying on her room floor and playing with a colorful wooden Montessori toy.
A little girl sitting on a chair and playing with different Montessori toys on the table.

We Are Montessori Generation

Our story begins with research into children's education and ways of influencing the earliest period of their lives. You know that parental feeling when you want everything to be flawless and perfect and constantly wonder if you could have done something differently. It was then that we learned about the more than century-old Montessori method. Knowing there was a method proven to improve the development of children's brains, problem-solving skills, and communication was a game changer.

First, we gathered a team of pedagogues, psychologists, and psychiatrists who combined their knowledge and experience with the Montessori method to create our highly educational toys. We have improved on old Montessori teachings with new studies by leading experts in the field to make toys that help children achieve significant results. Since we started in the United States, our network has expanded all over the globe. We store our toys on all continents of the world, which in turn allows our partnering courier services to reach every child in a short time.

The Montessori Generation team is always happy to talk to our customers in order to improve our toys and user experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch using our contact page or email us at info@montessorigeneration.com.

A little girl playing with a wooden Montessori train toy on her wooden desk.

Montessori Toys by Age

By choosing toys appropriate for your child's age, you can help them develop important skills that will benefit them in the long run.

For new parents, we recommend our 0-12 months old collection, which features toys suitable for infants. As your child grows into a toddler, you can explore our selection of toys for 1 year olds. When your child reaches the age of 2 and begins to construct simple sentences, our collection of toys for 2 year olds can help improve their language skills. At the age of 3, children tend to become more imaginative and creative, and our Montessori toys for 3 year olds are designed to nurture these skills further. Our 4 year olds collection features puzzles and memory games, which are great for improving problem-solving and cognitive skills. Once your child reaches 5 years old, they are ready for school and can benefit from our math and spelling toys in the 5+ year olds collection.

Check out our collections and pick what's best for your child.

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