Montessori Toys for 2 Year Olds

Two-year-old toddlers are bustling with energy. They are all about moving around, running, twirling, jumping, and being physical throughout the day. However, they also begin to understand facial expressions, coin two-word phrases, and tell apart different shapes and colors. Oh, yes - and also, this is when they start testing your boundaries. Fun, isn’t it? The best way to turn that energy into creativity and growth is to offer high-quality, engaging, and durable (!) toys. 

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Milestones for two-year-olds

Your amazing little toddler is an energetic bomb at this point. That means that you need to be extra careful about their safety, since they will try to run, jump, climb those stairs, and much more. However, they may not still have the balance necessary to do it correctly. 

All this energy also means that the toys you get need to be made out of durable materials because they will have to endure a lot of bumps, throws, hits, and other creative uses. Try to pick toys that will help nurture your child and help them hit the milestones for two-year-olds with joy. These milestones include:

  • Finally being able to take lids off stuff while holding the container
  • Figuring out buttons, switches, and nobs
  • Differentiating between colors and shapes
  • Sorting items by size, color, or shape
We can help you find just the right toys.

How to choose Montessori toys for two-year-olds?

You will not go wrong if you pick any of the toys from this category, but if you need help shortlisting these, here are three picks that can help you choose the best Montessori toy for your two-year-old:

Montessori Busy Board - Your two-yeard-old just discovered the magical world of buttons, knobs, levers, zips, and all that good stuff. Get them their very own busy board and let them enjoy practicing their fine motor skills, as well as problem-solving.

Montessori Geometric Eggs - There is a good reason why this toy is an absolute best-seller. Your two-year-old now understands colors and shapes and develops the concepts of sorting, similarity, and difference. Combine that with some engaging dexterity practice, and we clearly have a winning toy for any toddler.

Montessori Story Book - Your two-year-old can still have a lot of fun with a soft book. While these are usually meant for babies, they are still engaging for older children, as well. They just change the way they use the toy. When they hit 2 years of age, your child can now practice their fine motor skills and enjoy the sensory stimulation that comes with this creative and engaging toy.

What to consider before you buy a Montessori toy for 2 year olds?

When buying a toy for a 2-year-old, make sure the toys are:

  • Non-toxic and safe: Toys are made according to choking hazard safety regulations and without sharp edges.
  • Age-appropriate: You want your child to play with toys that stimulate the progress of specific skills that develop during a certain period.
  • Natural and quality materials: You want a longer-lasting toy that your child will have difficulty breaking, and you can pass it down from generation to generation.

What do child development experts say about Montessori toys for toddlers?

One of the most extensive and the most valid studies on this topic was conducted by Lillard and Else-Quest. This research showed that children who were exposed to the Montessori method had better reading, math, vocabulary, and social problem-solving skills. Moreover, later in their education, they had a much more expressed positive attitude toward school and education, as well as a better sense of community.

Where can I find Montessori toys for toddlers?

If you are considering children between the ages of 1 and 3, you will find an excellent choice of Montessori toys for toddlers on these pages:

What are the best Montessori toys picks for 2 year old girls?

We designed our toys to be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls. However, it is girls who tend to like these more than others. The Montessori Bee Box, made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood, teaches toddlers various essential abilities, such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, counting, and color sorting. Montessori Vegetable Set is another hit toy for 2 year old girls. It’s excellent for teaching your kid how to recognize vegetables' shapes and sizes and position them correctly.

What are the best Montessori development toys for 2 year old boys?

We know how important this period is for your little one's development, so we have narrowed your choice to two of the best development toys for 2 year old boys. Learning how to use the Montessori Object Permanence Box might prove a valuable lesson for your boy. When the youngster uses it often, he finds out the ball is still there even though he can't see it and that it will eventually come back to him. Montessori Shape Blocks help develop all sorts of skills in a fun way: grasping, fine motor skills, shape matching, problem-solving - it’s all there.

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