Montessori Wooden Puzzles (4 Pack)

Montessori Wooden Puzzles (4 Pack)

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Why is education necessary from the early stages of childhood?

Because 85% of a child's brain develops by the age of three, your child should immediately become part of the Montessori Generation to reach its full potential.

Stacking toys will help your child learn in a variety of ways.

It will assist your child in understanding the fundamentals of mathematics and topics such as size and how to categorize different forms.
It is beneficial for toddlers to grow and learn to use these Montessori Wooden Puzzles. It is a powerful and significant method of separating your loved ones from their tablet and TV screens.

Why are Montessori Wooden Puzzles for your toddler?

It's a great toy for cognitive and fine motor skills, but it can also build social, emotional and language skills.

Fine Motor Skills: When newborns and toddlers interact with physical things, they focus on small, precise actions like grabbing, pointing, clutching, squeezing, etc.

✅ Typing and Handwriting: The grasp used to place pieces will help fine-tune the small muscles used in typing and handwriting.

✅ Hand-Eye Coordination: Like any other activity with small pieces, this one will help develop and maintain coordination between your toddler's eyes and hands. They need a constant connection between the brain and the hands.

✅ Confidence: Putting a puzzle together is a challenge, and completing a challenge has its rewards. Increased confidence is one reward.
 Improved Memory: Your youngster will need to remember which parts do not fit to discover the one that does. This is a fantastic memory game!

✅ Spatial Awareness: There is also a link between a lack of spatial awareness and low reading performance. This toy isn't academic, and it may be a valuable brain-training tool for future learning.

Is this a game that youngsters will enjoy?

Wooden puzzles may provide hours of entertainment for your toddlers, and they can maintain a child's attention and interest for a long period. Also, it is a wonderful choice for toddler toys to spend some quality time with your children.

A safe and durable gift for your little love.

These pieces have a smooth, polished surface with a circular edge that fits perfectly in tiny hands.
Montessori Wooden Puzzles are easy for tiny fingers to grasp and place.

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