Montessori Toys for 5 Year Olds and Older

The best presents encourage children to use their imagination and maintain attention and engagement. You will find classic toys that have stood the test of time and that children still enjoy today. Our toys transform into special tools to help your child's development. We know that Maria Montessori did not manufacture toys. However, we believe she would have enjoyed the toys we designed, inspired by her work.

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Must have Montessori toys for 5 year old boys

The Montessori toy five-year-old boys love the most is the Montessori DIY Fun Chair. Boys enjoy playing the role of handyman, as they like to create new constructions and spend hours assembling them. The Montessori Wooden Spelling Game is the best toy if you want your little one to learn letters. Each word has a picture next to it, and by arranging letters on the pattern, your little one will learn to recognize the letters needed to compose a required word. The Montessori Memory Match stimulates and improves your child's memory.

The best Montessori gifts for a preschool child

We designed the Montessori Smart Board to help children prepare for the first math problems they face at school. It will introduce them to counting, calculus, and geometric shapes. Montessori Wooden Spelling Game teaches kids spelling, new phrases, and matching the meanings of words to images. Finally, the idea behind the Montessori Memory Match design was to build a game that serves multiple purposes. It strengthens a child's memory, makes them grasp visual concepts, and introduces them to board games without being overwhelming.

Advantages of Montessori toys compared to other toys

A significant advantage of Montessori toys is that they allow children to learn while playing. One of the best aspects of this educational method is that youngsters learn and correct their errors independently. Children learn to explore and experience practical things to improve their skills. Also, we make safe toys from natural materials that will not irritate your child's skin. Montessori toys enhance children's self-motivated growth and physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

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