Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book

Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book

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You simply won't believe your kid's progress in such a short time!

We have told you about the Montessori method and the freedom of learning, but this is where the talk becomes "the walk." Here's where finding a solution inside a box requires thinking outside the box. Using available tools, they will create not only suggested designs but the ones they thought of themselves. This is how all future visionaries begin. 

Schematics, blueprints, designs, graphics, and diagrams.

These are not some vague terms we just threw out there. Those are ideas put to paper! And your child's ideas are worth just as much. A tangram book helps kids learn geometry and shapes through fun and play. Math class will be a piece of cake. Artistic proficiency and problem-solving skills in one blow, we hear you say? Right here!

Create a safe environment.

There's no compromise when it comes to children's safety. Non-toxic paint, smooth edges, and odorless materials are used to prevent any possible harm to your child's skin. Eco-friendly materials are there because we care about all our young ones' tomorrow.

Invent a game for yourself!

Take a piece of paper, both of you. Draw something fun, interesting, or challenging for your kid. Let them do the same for you. Then, take each other's drawings and start replicating them as convincingly as possible using the 7 tangram pieces. Whoever's pattern is the closest to the original wins! We know who wins, but it's only fair to give you a chance.

A gift that's more fun than any video game, 100% guaranteed!

Remember that game we told you about a passage above? Well, instead of a usual "latest video game out there" gift, why not bring your nephew and niece a game that will truly challenge them? It's not only super fun but truly beneficial and educational. Be an aunt that is not only adored by little ones but by their parents, too.

It takes 10,000 hours to become good at anything, parenting included. Let our toys make this journey quicker.

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