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You won't believe your kid's progress in such a short time!

Your child will play and learn. They will try to copy the schematics while improving their focus, color recognition, and dexterity

You've heard about the Montessori method, but this is where the talk becomes "the walk." Here's where finding a solution inside a box requires thinking outside the box.

A family of four playing with different colorful Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book puzzles.

What are blueprints, graphics, and designs?

These are not some terms we just threw out there. Those are ideas put to paper! And your child's ideas matter. Your kid will learn geometry and shapes through fun and play. Math class will be a piece of cake!

Different models that can be made using colorful puzzle pieces from the Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book.

Stop buying toys that aren't safe and eco-friendly!

There's no compromise when it comes to children's safety. Non-toxic paint, smooth edges, and odorless materials are used to prevent any possible harm to your child's skin. Eco-friendly materials are there because we care about all our young ones' tomorrow.

Little boy playing with Magnetic Tangram puzzles and swiping trough a book with different shapes and models.

Here's a game for you...

Take two pieces of paper and draw something fun or challenging for your kid. Let them do the same for you. Then, take each other's drawings and start replicating them using the 7 tangram pieces. Whoever's pattern is the closest to the original wins!

The Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book with different animals on the front page and colorful puzzles placed around it.

Want something more fun than video games?

Remember that game we told you about in a paragraph above? Well, instead of a usual "latest video game out there" gift, why not bring your nephew and niece a game that will truly challenge them? It's not only super fun but truly beneficial and educational.

Dimensions of the Montessori Magnetic Tangram Book.
It takes 10,000 hours to become good at anything, parenting included. Let our toys make this journey quicker. Get Yours Now!

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