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Montessori Building Blocks - Montessori Generation

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What does your kid miss out on by not playing with this toy?

Your little one will sooner or later be asked to tidy a room, pack a bag for kindergarten, and do geometry in math class. All these tasks share something in common - shapes, sizes, balance, and coordination

Playing with this toy, your kid will master these concepts and be ready for school in no time.

TV, phone, and video games vs. Montessori cognitive toy.

On the one hand, you can just turn on an app, game, or cartoon and let your kid stare at a screen for hours, ruining their sight and attention span

On the other hand, you can provide your little one with an educational toy they will enjoy as much, if not more, while developing their problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and language skills.

  • Helps fine motor skills, improves memory, and strengthens brainpower

  • Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in children

  • Keeps your child engaged and motivated to learn for hours

  • Develops focus, inventiveness, independence, self-discipline

Here's what Susan does when she cooks with her son.

She lays the ingredients on the counter, places little Nick by her side, and gives him Montessori Building Blocks to play with. They name every shape out loud, piece by piece, tell its color, and then Nick puts it in a designated place. By the time she's done preparing their meals, her son is already asking for another round of family fun time.

Throw it in a recycling bin!

We really mean it. If your little one has outgrown it, and you have no one else to gift it to, recycle it. It's made of wood, and it's meant to be recycled. All materials are natural, so your child and nature can feel safe around our toy. You can rest your mind at ease, not worrying about safety issues or potential hazards.

You could build it yourself, but will you actually?

There's a birthday coming up, and you think to yourself, "I might actually make something for that kid." You go to your toolshed, pull out the extra wood planks you keep just in case, and start carving it. 

A week later, the toy is finished, but so is the birthday it was intended for. Let's be honest, you don't have a tool shed, and you don't know how to carve wood. 

Let us do it for you. Our toys are all your little one needs. Get Yours Now!

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