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Montessori Dino Busy Board


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Why is it important that you get your child a busy board?

Because it's a fast and easy way to teach your kid everything you want in one place. “How do I tie my shoes? Can you button this up for me?” These are everyday toddler questions. However, if you allow your child to practice these skills during their playtime, you'll hear “I can do it all by myself” much more often. But that’s not all…

A hand holding an egg with colorful Montessori Geometric Eggs in the background.

This is how a busy board will help your child's development.

Your little one will play with zippers, buckles, gears, clocks, laces, and more. And while doing so, they will:

  • Use and develop their fine motor skills

  • Work on their problem-solving skills

  • Increase focus and attention span

  • Strengthen sensory awareness with colors, sounds, and different textures

  • Learn patience and persistence

A colorful display of Montessori Geometric Eggs with different shapes and colors.

It's safe for your kid and durable.

The material that we used to make this toy is felt (apart from a few gadgets). It’s a popular choice for children’s toys since it’s soft, and your child is 100% safe playing with it. The toy is also really durable and will survive your kid’s inevitable pulling, ripping, and tearing. It’s also really easy to clean and won’t take up much of your time.

Closed Montessori Geometric Eggs placed in a carton on the grass.

If you need something to entertain your kid on a road trip…

Don’t look further than a busy board. With so many playing options, your child will stay occupied for hours. It folds in half, and you (even your toddler) can carry it with ease. This is the best alternative to a phone screen you’ll find. 

A colorful educational toy for kids with eggs in a carton and different geometric shapes.


Age: 1+

Size: 22.6 in x 11 in (58 x 28cm)

Material: Felt

Make a smart choice, and surprise your child with a toy that’s both fun and educational. Order Yours Now!

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