Fostering Growth: Top 5 Montessori Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Your 2-year-old is a bundle of energy. By this age, your child's walking, talking, and running around, full of curiosity. Your child now has a growing vocabulary and adopts new words almost daily. They can easily recognize colors and shapes and may even show interest in potty training.

Little girl running with hands wide open.

But things aren't perfect at any age, and 2 is no exception. As your child becomes more independent, they may show signs of defiance. They may even begin to push boundaries more than you’d like. That's what some call "terrible twos."

Luckily, this is just a phase, and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

However, if you need something to focus all that 2-year-old ball of energy on, Montessori toys for 2-year-olds are the perfect match.

But first..

What Are Developmental Milestones for 2-year-olds?

2-year-olds are highly curious and active. At this age, they start making social interactions by imitating their parents, older siblings, and other adults. They also display physical skills like running, jumping, and drawing. 

Toddler fingerpainting.

At 2 years old, a child's brain is like a sponge. They're learning to talk in sentences, play with others, and do many things on their own. Of course, the speed of development varies from child to child.

But there are common things most children start doing at this age. According to CDC guidelines, here are the biggest developmental milestones for 2-year-old kids:

  • Social and emotional skills: Children at this age are keen observers. Often, they imitate children and adults they're surrounded by. Though they usually play next to other kids, they rarely engage in group activities. This type of play is called parallel play.

  • Talking and solving problems: At this age, a child can usually point to items or pictures when named. They recognize the names of close people and can identify different body parts. Children form short sentences, respond to simple requests, and repeat conversation words.

  • Doing and moving things: Physically, a 2-year-old can show various skills, including standing on tiptoes, kicking balls, and starting to run. You can often find 2-year-olds climbing furniture without anyone's help. Their throwing skills improve, and they begin drawing, even managing to replicate basic shapes.

What's Montessori and How Does It Help Kids Develop?

Toddler playing with colorful wooden blocks and shapes.

Montessori is a learning method that emphasizes hands-on learning. It allows children to see, touch, and feel what they're learning. The approach is great for young children as it allows them to have fun while learning new skills.

Maria Montessori, the inventor of the learning method, believed that children learn best when they can see, touch, and feel what they're learning. Kids are naturally curious. They're always asking questions, wanting to explore.

The Montessori method taps into this by offering a rich environment where they can discover and learn new things. In a Montessori environment, kids get to play with toys that encourage their imagination and develop motor and cognitive skills at the same time.

Is Montessori Appropriate for 2-year-olds?

Yes, the Montessori method is great for 2-year-olds. Even at such a young age, your child can benefit from Montessori because it allows them to play and learn with adults overseeing and guiding when necessary. 

Montessori teacher watching children play with wooden toys.

You might think that Montessori activities are too tough for young kids as many of them can't pay attention for long. But guess what? Even babies as young as 12 months can enjoy and learn from Montessori toys and games.

The Montessori method isn't about strict teaching. It's about letting kids learn through play, all on their own. Your job? Just watch over your child and make sure they have the right tools that challenge them just enough. That's not so hard, right?

What Are Good Montessori Activities for 2-year-olds?

For a 2-year-old, Montessori offers coloring, puzzle solving, and navigating mazes. These activities improve your child's brain functions, boost motor skills, and teach them to think strategically.

Here are a few Montessori activities your 2-year-old will love:

  • Color sorting: Think of this game like sorting socks - but way more fun. Kids group things by their colors, using toys, beads, or colored paper. Doing this makes their eyes sharper and teaches them about different colors. Deciding which color goes where is a tiny grown-up job for them. They'll learn to notice tiny color details and group things neatly.

Little girl sorting colors.

  • Puzzle solving: Puzzles are like little brain workouts. They have to figure out where each piece goes, which is great for their hands and minds. Also, you know that pinchy thing they do with their fingers? That's them getting ready to write.

Little girl solving puzzles.

  • Mazes: Want to give your kid a challenge? Have them find their way out of a maze. Mazes are amazing brain teasers. They teach kids to find their way through twists and turns. It's not just about reaching the end but also thinking ahead and problem-solving.

Little girl playing with a wooden maze toy.

How to Find the Best Montessori Toy for 2-year-olds?

To find the best Montessori toy for 2-year-olds, you need to ensure that the toy is age-appropriate, safe, and of good quality. You should preferably find toys like busy boards and puzzles that are engaging but not overly challenging for 2-year-olds.

Picking the right toy for your kid is a bit like finding the perfect book for a cozy evening. You want something easy to read but still challenging. If you're not sure where to start with Montessori toys, don't worry; here's a quick cheat sheet:

  • Find a toy that's appropriate for a 2-year-old.

  • Make sure it has no small parts due to safety concerns.

  • Opt for quality materials that will ensure the toy lasts.

  • The more ways your child can play with the toy, the better!

Some of the popular choices for 2-year-olds include stacking and shape-sorting toys. Why? These toys are like mini brain exercises that help children with coordination and problem-solving. 

5 Best Montessori Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Here are our top 5 picks we’re sure your toddler will love playing with.

1. Montessori Happy Puzzles (6 Pack)

Montessori Happy Puzzles (6 Pack).

A 6-pack wooden puzzle is a great pick for your 2-year-old. It's designed to improve children's focus and nurture attention spans that typically last just a few minutes at this age. By working on the puzzle, your child will hone fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

Oh, and there's a bonus: puzzles are known to be calming, which can be a welcome break for kids and parents. Besides, wooden toys get a thumbs up for safety and being eco-friendly.

2. Montessori Busy Board

Montessori Busy Board.

Want a toy that's both fun and super educational? The Montessori Busy Board has got you covered. It's jam-packed with zippers, shoelaces, and buckles to keep those little fingers busy. As they play, they'll be boosting their motor skills and attention span, setting them up for success in school and everyday tasks.

What's even cooler is that it's lightweight and easy to clean, making it a great travel buddy. Encourage their independence and watch them thrive with this interactive board.

3. Montessori Christmas Tree

Montessori Christmas Tree.

Want to get your child a Christmas present earlier this year? Look no further than this Montessori Christmas tree. While it will put your kid in a festive mood, it will also help them learn. As the child adds ornaments, they'll explore colors and patterns.

The tree itself is sturdy, so you won't have to worry about your child breaking it. Gift your child a blend of holiday joy and education this season.

4. Montessori Building Blocks 

Montessori Building Blocks.

A toy for future engineers. Get those little fingers busy by building, sorting, and stacking all the different pieces that come in this set. It’s an old classic that has stood the test of time.

It's tactile and screen-free, promoting prolonged focus and imagination. It supports finger dexterity, memory, and creativity. It's safe and portable.

5. Montessori Magnetic Maze

Montessori Magnetic Maze.

Mazes are… well, amazing (pun intended). They exercise the brain's memory capacity. Learning to avoid dead ends and remembering routes challenges both short- and long-term memory.

The Montessori Magnetic Maze will challenge your kid to recognize colors, develop patience, and think creatively. It's a fun, colorful way to prepare them for the academic challenges ahead while keeping them engaged and entertained.


Finding toys is overwhelming as it is. But when you're looking for toys that offer more than just entertainment, finding what your child loves may seem impossible. Montessori toys step in as a bridge between fun and learning.

These toys, rooted in Maria Montessori's teachings, are crafted to fire up your child's curiosity and fine-tune their basic skills. All while being extremely fun. The Montessori toys for 2-year-olds we discussed in today's article will ensure your child is immersed in pure, joyous play for hours.

Ready to give your child the gift of exploration and growth? Montessori Generation is here to help you. Make sure to contact us and help your child reach their full potential with Montessori toys.

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