The Best Montessori Toys for Christmas Gifts

The holiday season has arrived. It’s the time when families witness the growth and development of their children and create loving memories. If you're a mom, dad, or grandparent, you've probably noticed your child doing new things every day.

This Christmas, let's continue to celebrate these milestones. And, with that in mind, let’s gift our kids specially designed toys that foster development through play - the Montessori toys.

Little blonde haired boy sitting near a Christmas tree and opening red boxes.

If you’re looking to enhance your child’s learning through play, then Montessori toys are the perfect choice. Let’s explore the world of Montessori toys and see which toys most align with the Christmas festive tradition.

Why Choose Montessori Toys for Christmas?

It’s not just about the joy of play that our kids experience while playing with the Montessori toys. Montessori is about learning through play, as these toys serve as little educational companions for your kids.

Picture this: Your baby is playing with a wooden rattle - It might seem that your baby is only shaking the rattle, but behind the simple shaking movement, they are experiencing new sounds and learning how to control the movement of their hands.

Baby holding a pink and white rattle while standing in her crib.

Montessori toys stand out because they encourage hands-on exploration, allowing your child to discover and understand while being active. Unlike traditional toys, they align with your child's natural way of growing and learning, making education an engaging adventure.

Bottom line: Montessori toys transform playtime into a valuable learning experience. These toys stimulate the child’s hands-on exploration and align with the child's natural development.

The Montessori Philosophy in Gifts

When you start choosing presents for your young ones this Christmas, think about the Montessori philosophy. Namely, it’s about getting them something that’s both fun and educational, something that will help them grow.

In order to do so, follow these considerations:

1. Play with purpose: Choose toys that make the playtime useful for your children. This includes toys that sparkle your kid’s imagination, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities.

2. Let your children lead the way: Always aim for gifts that will enable your child to explore independently. There’s no need to get them something that will only make them even more dependent on you.

Cute boy sitting on his bed and showing his presents while in Christmas outfit.

3. Aim for quality: Quality is what matters, not quantity. Getting them a bit more useful toy is always better than getting them a bunch of cheap toys without purpose.

4. Discovering the world: Look out for toys with nature-like elements. Your kid will want to explore the world, so why don’t you provide them with toys that resemble plants or animals?

Age-Appropriate Montessori Toys

Finding the right Montessori toys for your child's age is important for the right development. So, let’s explore some of the best choices for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.


When it comes to babies, there’s not much to think about. Your young one needs a toy that allows them to practice fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

Baby boy laying on the floor and playing with silicone blocks toy while looking at someone behind camera.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Soft sensory toys: Opt for plush toys with fiber textures and gentle sounds to stimulate your baby's senses.

  • Tactile mobiles: Hang simple, contrasting mobiles above the crib to capture their visual attention and encourage reaching.


Toddlers require much more attention and a completely different approach than babies, which is normal. In that light, the best Montessori toy for toddlers is the one that sparks their imagination and creativity.

Little girl playing with clay in her Montessori playroom.

Here’s a couple of ideas:

  • Stacking toys: Choose toys that allow stacking and nesting, promoting fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Shape sorters: Introduce toys where toddlers can fit shapes into holes, enhancing problem-solving abilities.

  • Puzzles: Start with large, simple puzzles featuring knobs for easy manipulation, aiding in cognitive development.


Montessori toys for preschoolers are specially designed to increase creativity and independent thinking. The thing you can do for your preschooler is to allow them to explore and use their mind - no wonder you’ll get swamped with questions.

Preschooler boy attending a Montessori class and sitting next to the teacher.

But, in the essence of their learning capabilities, these toys can really spark their imagination and creativity:

  • Building blocks: Provide a variety of blocks for creative construction, fostering spatial awareness and imaginative play.

  • Nature-inspired puzzles: Select puzzles with themes from nature or everyday life, encouraging storytelling and cognitive engagement.

  • Arts and crafts materials: Include materials like crayons, paper, and child-safe scissors to support artistic expression and fine motor skills.

Top Montessori Toys for Christmas Gifts

Discovering the right Montessori toys for Christmas is not that hard. All you have to do is focus on choices that promote independent learning through play and align with the Christmas spirit.

Let’s explore some great options showcased through categories:

Wooden Montessori abacus placed on a carpet in the playroom.

Sensory Toys

These are perfect for babies and children around 1 year of age. Sensory toys allow them to experience the world in a whole new setup while stimulating their senses.

Here’s a couple of great options:

  • Montessori Rainbow - Enhances color recognition and fine motor skills through stacking and sorting.

Montessori Rainbow.

  • Montessori Baby Cloth Book - Enables sensory development with many textures and soft materials.

Montessori Baby Cloth Books.

Practical Life Toys

Some would argue that these types of toys are only for preschoolers, but toddlers can engage well with them, too. Practical life toys are the toys that teach our children valuable lessons from real life through play.

Here are some great examples:

  • Montessori Brushing Teeth - Introduces practical life skills while also creating a sense of personal hygiene.

Montessori Brushing Teeth.

  • Montessori Vegetable Set - This allows your child to interact with real-life things, like vegetables, and learn about them.

Montessori Vegetable Set.

Math and Logic Toys

Providing toys that enhance problem-solving skills in children is always a good option for preschoolers. Namely, logic and math toys are teaching our children to overcome obstacles in life and solve problems, not to run away from them.

Here are a couple of great ideas:

  • Montessori Smart Board -  Introduces basic math concepts through hands-on counting and grouping.

Montessori Smart Board.

  • Montessori Wooden Tetris - Improve logical thinking and creativity when with each block stacked. 

Montessori Wooden Tetris.

Montessori Toys for Christmas - Top Pick

With everything said above, possibly the best Montessori toy for this festive season is the Montessori Christmas tree toy for toddlers.

Montessori 2D Christmas Tree.

Montessori Christmas Tree

Meet the Montessori Christmas tree, the perfect combination of the holiday spirit and learning for your little one.

This toy offers a set of features and benefits:

  • It’s fun and imaginative: This toy allows your child’s creativity to shine as they decorate the tree.

  • Learning while decorating: Each ornament of this tree is not only for play; it’s a way for them to learn. Matching colors, creating combinations and patterns, and most importantly, doing that on their own - that’s what the Montessori is all about.

  • Thinking faster and better: Decorating this Christmas tree will allow your child to recognize things and think logically to connect them.

  • Fostering independence: This tree is quite easy to decorate, which creates a feeling of independence in your child.

These are some of the main benefits of the Montessori Christmas Tree, but the most important one is definitely the involvement of family. By allowing your child to decorate this tree, you can include it in other Christmas decorations, making them feel appreciated and creating a feeling that they helped you decorate the house.


This Christmas, it’s time to get your kids something that aligns with their learning capabilities while also being fun and joyful to play with. That’s where Montessori toys come in.

As your child explores colors, shapes, and patterns, they not only enhance recognition and logical thinking but also experience increased engagement. The Montessori Christmas Tree isn't just a decoration; it's a tool for learning, independence, and family bonding.

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