5 Perfect Montessori Toys for Enhancing Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers

As the Montessori approach gains popularity, parents are looking for toys that go beyond mere entertainment; they want toys that also educate. So, what are Montessori toys, and why are they worth considering?

Toddler laying on the floor and playing with colorful puzzles.

The Montessori method, created by Dr. Maria Montessori over a century ago, places a strong emphasis on hands-on, self-paced learning. It's not just for classrooms; it's a practical philosophy that can be applied to your child's everyday life, including playtime.

If you're interested in introducing your toddler to toys that align with this educational approach, we have you covered. Today, we'll explore the world of the best Montessori toys for 2 year olds and present the top 5 choices, ensuring that your child's playtime is both enjoyable and enriching.

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori method is an educational approach that allows children to learn at their own pace using materials they choose while educators guide, provide knowledge, and assess their development. This teaching approach is designed to foster independence in performing activities and meet the needs of early childhood.

Girl playing with puzzles on a wooden table.

Montessori education isn't limited to the classroom; it's a philosophy that can be applied at home. By following some key principles, parents can empower their children to become self-reliant and curious learners, in alignment with the Montessori method's core principles. 

Why is Developing Fine Motor Skills Important for Your Toddler?

Fine motor skills enhance the coordination of small muscle groups with the brain and nervous system to regulate precise movements in regions like the hands, fingers, lips, tongue, and eyes.

Developing fine motor skills in toddlers is a critical aspect of their early growth and learning. By constantly improving these skills, our young ones will create a solid foundation for further activities and challenges that come in the future.

A boy playing with wooden Montessori train stacker toy.

Fine motor skills are important for several reasons:

  • Cognitive development: Fine motor skills are closely linked to cognitive development. As children use their hands to explore and manipulate objects, they develop problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and the ability to think critically. These skills are foundational for later academic achievements.

  • Independence: Fine motor skills enable toddlers to become more self-reliant. They can dress themselves, feed independently, and perform other daily tasks, which fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

  • Communication and social interaction: Fine motor skills also aid in communication and social interaction. When toddlers can use their hands effectively, they can engage in activities like drawing, building with blocks, and playing with others. These interactions promote social skills and friendships.

Toddlers playing with wooden animals and trees.

  • Preparation for writing: Developing fine motor skills is essential for preparing children for writing. The ability to control a pencil or crayon and make precise movements with their fingers is a foundational skill for later literacy development.

  • Creativity and expression: Fine motor skills allow toddlers to express their creativity through art and play. Drawing, painting, and crafting are outlets for children to express their thoughts and feelings.

What Kind of Toys Will Encourage Fine Motor Skill Development for a Toddler?

Toys like crayons, pencils, beads, puzzles, and other similar options are great for enhancing fine motor skills. Montessori toys are designed with a focus on hands-on, self-directed learning, and they can be particularly beneficial in nurturing fine motor skills. 

Group of wooden Montessori toys on display.

Here's what to look for in toys that encourage fine motor skill development:

1. Sensory toys: Toys with different textures, shapes, and sizes engage a toddler's senses and encourage exploration. This sensory input stimulates children's fine motor skills as they grasp, touch, and play with these toys.

2. Puzzles and manipulatives: Toys that involve solving puzzles, connecting pieces, or manipulating objects help develop problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Simple wooden puzzles or building blocks are excellent examples.

3. Art supplies: Crayons, markers, and child-safe scissors allow toddlers to express their creativity and enhance their fine motor skills by drawing, cutting, and coloring.

4. Stacking and sorting toys: Toys that involve stacking, nesting, or sorting objects help develop hand agility and coordination. These activities challenge toddlers to arrange items, promoting fine motor skill development carefully.

5. Montessori bead materials: Montessori bead materials, like bead stringing or bead sequencing, are designed to enhance a child's fine motor skills by threading small beads onto strings or rods.

6. Musical instruments: Instruments like xylophones or child-friendly keyboards encourage finger coordination and agility while producing all kinds of sounds.

Top 5 Toys for Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers

Here are the best 5 Montessori toys for your toddler.

1. Montessori Busy Board - A Skill-Building Tool for Toddlers

Montessori Busy Board.

Prepare your child for a bright future with the Montessori Busy Board, a quiet yet captivating toy designed to enhance your toddler's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention span.

This interactive toy is an engaging mix of zippers, shoelaces, snap pockets, and buckles, carefully chosen to entertain and challenge your little one. By conquering these challenges, your child will exude confidence and self-sufficiency.

The versatility of this toy is a game-changer for parents, as it makes your child self-reliant, saving you from constant shoelace-tying duties. Plus, it's a travel essential, keeping kids entertained on long journeys.

2. Montessori Snowman - The Snowman That Warms Hearts Indoors

Montessori Snowman.

Imagine having a snowman in your home, regardless of the weather. Well, with the Montessori Snowman, you can bring the joy of a snowman indoors at any time of the year. Your child can choose a special spot on your wall and proudly place the snowman on display, igniting their imagination and creativity.

This delightful snowman isn't just a decorative piece that gathers dust. It's a daily challenge for kids, allowing them to customize the snowman's appearance, much like they would with a real snowman once the snow falls. It serves as a consistent source of inspiration for young minds.

The Montessori Snowman is not only fun but also educational and practical. It helps enhance fine motor skills, concentration, and logical reasoning. Keeping your child engaged and motivated for hours cultivates qualities such as independence, patience, attention span, and self-discipline.

3. Montessori Double-Sided Puzzles - A Mind and Motor Skills Marvel

Montessori  Double-Sided Puzzles.

Unlock a world of learning and development with the Montessori Double-Sided Puzzles, a set of 5 engaging puzzles featuring 10 different designs, all in one package. These puzzles are not just fun; they're designed to help your child understand and recognize patterns from the moment they explore the world.

As toddlers piece together the puzzle elements, they embark on a challenging yet rewarding journey that enhances their problem-solving skills and ability to recognize patterns. But there's more to these puzzles than meets the eye. They're not just a mental workout; they also promote dexterity. Your child will strengthen hand-eye coordination and grasping ability while playing.

4. Montessori 360 Christmas Tree - Your Child's Holiday Canvas

Montessori  360 Christmas Tree.

Give your child the gift of their very own Christmas tree this holiday season, and watch their face light up with joy. It's essential for children to feel included in holiday decorations, to express their creativity, and to be part of the festive team.

However, you can't just hand them a fragile glass ornament and hope for the best. That's why the Montessori 360 Christmas Tree is here to ensure both you and your child can relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.

This toddler-friendly Christmas tree is crafted with soft, felt material to guarantee your child's safety during independent play. The key is to let your child feel that this is truly their tree, fostering a sense of ownership and creativity.

5. Montessori Building Blocks - Where Learning and Play Collide

Montessori  Building Blocks.

These simple yet versatile blocks offer a gateway to a world of essential skills your child will use throughout their life. From tidying a room to conquering complex math problems, tasks all share a common thread - the need for a profound understanding of shapes, sizes, balance, and coordination.

By engaging with these Montessori Building Blocks, your child becomes a master of these foundational concepts, well-prepared for their educational journey. They'll develop problem-solving skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, and sharpen their language abilities, all while embracing the joy of play.

While it's tempting to use screens for entertainment, this cognitive toy offers a far more valuable alternative. It not only captivates your child's attention but also enriches their cognitive skills.


Elevate your child's growth and learning with Montessori toys, the perfect blend of entertainment and education. Rooted in the Montessori philosophy, these toys encourage hands-on, self-paced learning while nurturing independence in young minds.

Whether it's the Montessori Busy Board, Double-Sided Puzzles, Snowman, Building Blocks, or 360 Christmas Tree, each has been thoughtfully designed to enhance vital skills and qualities in your child. From fine motor skills to problem-solving abilities, creativity, focus, and reduced restlessness, these toys are more than just playthings.

They are investments in your child's future, setting the stage for a confident and well-rounded individual ready to conquer the world.

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