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Montessori Silicone Pulling Toy


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Do you know how important sensory play is for your child's development?

This is how your baby strengthens their touch sense, improves their vision, and trains their hearing, among other things. Newborn's senses are far from developed when they are born, and it is crucial to provide your child with toys and items that will stimulate those senses.

A Silicone Pulling toy for babies.

How does your kid improve their focus?

Every time your kid pulls a string that makes a sound, presses a button, or chews on the silicone surface, they put all their attention into it. The more options they have, the more they need to concentrate on fulfilling them - this is how their attention span grows. 

Hand pulling a piece of the Montessori Silicone Pulling Toy demonstrating how it works.

Is your little one anxious or restless because of teething?

You can see your child having a hard time with their new teeth coming out, and not much can be done. One thing they'll always do is chew on stuff. Your little one can bite this toy all they want - it's made of silicone, which is safe and durable, and it will help soothe their pain.

A baby holding and chewing a Montessori pulling toy made out of silicone.
  • Helps brain development, improves focus, and strengthens fine motor skills

  • Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in children

  • Keeps your child engaged and active for long periods

  • Develops concentration and attention span and boosts curiosity

Wash it at a high temperature.

Once it arrives on your doorstep, wash it at a high temperature. You want to make sure that in case your kid tries to chew it, they are 100% safe. It's made of silicone, so it's both soft and sturdy enough to withstand your little one's exploratory playtime.

Close up of the Montessori Silicone Pulling toy.

Bring it on a road trip.

We've heard back from many parents that this is the exact toy they use in their cars to keep their kids entertained when they go on a road trip. Who are we to doubt what other parents say? If it worked for them, it'll work for you too.

Close up on the Montessori toy made out of colorful silicone and ABS plastic.

Give it as a baby shower gift.

If you've run out of ideas, gone through every mall in 10 miles radius, and still haven't found a baby shower gift, look no further - This is it! The kid who gets it will use it until they're 2. It's stimulative, educational, and, most importantly, fun. Little one's parents will love you for it!

Colorful Montessori chewable toy for babies.

Don’t look at this as a simple toy purchase. Look at this as an investment in your child's future. Get Yours Now!


  • Age: 6+ months
  • Size: 8.27 in x 5.31 in x 5.9 in (21 x 13.5 x 15cm)
  • Material: BPA-free, Phthalate Free, Food Grade Silicone

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