What Does a Busy Board Do? Understand Its Benefits With Our 3 Top Picks!

Ever wished you could encourage your little one to play independently while also helping them develop essential skills? Well, say hello to the busy board - your new best friend when it comes to toddler toys!

Busy boards are amazing for both babies and toddlers. These interactive boards are packed with fun activities that keep little hands and minds busy. They’re inspired by Montessori principles and help kids learn practical life skills.

Baby playing with a wooden busy board.

The benefits are endless, from promoting independent play and boosting self-esteem to improving concentration. Plus, they’re a lifesaver during those fussy car rides!

So, ready to see how busy boards can make a difference? Let's get into it right away.

What is a Busy Board?

Before getting this toy for your kid, it’s normal to ask yourself, ‘What is a busy board?’ ‘How does it work?‘

A busy board is a hands-on, interactive toy designed for babies, toddlers, and young children. Think of a busy board as the Swiss Army knife of toddler toys – it's a multitasking marvel!

Picture a board or panel loaded with locks, latches, zippers, buttons, and knobs. It's like a playground for fine motor skills and boosting concentration.

Busy boards are simply the best option for toddlers when it comes to exploration and learning. They invite kids to twist, turn, slide, and discover, all while having a blast.

Baby playing with a wooden busy board.

What is The Purpose of a Busy Board?

The main purpose of playing with a busy board lies in its benefits. Simply speaking, aside from having so much fun, our kids are also learning a lot.

Here are a couple of benefits of playing with a busy board:

  • Fine motor control: Busy boards are like training grounds for little fingers! They help kids get better at tasks like buttoning shirts and using utensils by boosting hand-eye coordination and finger strength.

  • Controlled practice: Imagine a safe space where kids can practice essential movements without fear of mistakes – that's a busy board! It's like a mini gym for their motor skills, helping them build confidence for future tasks like writing.

  • Cognitive development: Behind every latch and button lies a mini puzzle waiting to be solved. Busy boards make learning fun by encouraging problem-solving, logical thinking, and understanding cause-and-effect relationships.

  • Sensory exploration: Life's a sensory adventure for toddlers, and busy boards add to the fun! With different textures and sounds, busy boards promote curiosity and help kids learn about the world around them through touch and play.

Are Busy Boards Good for Montessori Education?

Yes, busy boards are excellent tools for Montessori education, as they go perfectly with the philosophy of hands-on learning and practical life skills development.

Busy boards offer a way of playing where kids learn by doing and master real-world tasks like little champions. So, if you want your child to be a Montessori toddler, just add a busy board to the mix, they’ll love it!

Baby boy sitting on the playroom floor surrounded with toys.

What's On a Busy Board?

Busy board features locks, zippers, buttons, knobs, and a lot of other elements. You can also find some modern elements, such as switches, connectors, and even cables.

With these components, children can practice fundamental movements like up-down, left-right, twisting, and turning, all while staying entertained and focused.

The Best Busy Boards - Our Pick

Now, let’s take a look at what we have prepared for little fellas. Here are our top 3 picks when it comes to busy boards:

1. Montessori Dino Busy Board

Let’s open up with a true classic when it comes to busy boards. From tying shoes to buttoning up shirts, this busy board turns everyday tasks into playtime adventures. Plus, your child will feel proud saying, ‘I finally did it by myself!’

Montessori Dino Busy Board.

With the Montessori Dino Busy Board, your child can explore zippers, buckles, gears, clocks, laces, and more! It's like a fun puzzle that helps them:

  • Practice fine motor skills
  • Solve problems
  • Stay focused
  • Learn about colors, sounds, and textures
  • Build patience and persistence

And it's safe and durable, too! Made from soft felt and sturdy materials, it's perfect for little hands. Plus, it's easy to clean and great for road trips.

2. Montessori Wooden Switch Board

Kids love to explore everything around the house, right? So why not give them a safe alternative, like the Montessori Wooden Switch Board? This busy board has buttons, switches, and keys, all their favorites!

Montessori Wooden Switch Board.

On top of that, it's a tech lesson without screens! With 8 switches, kids learn to turn on and off colorful lights without any annoying sounds. It's great for learning and fun, and it helps kids with:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Teaching them practical life skills
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Allows them to explore tech gadgets

And as with any other busy board, this one is perfect for travel too! It’s compact and everything stays together, so no lost parts.

3. Montessori Busy Board

Why the rush? Because this quiet gem is a game-changer for your toddler's development. Actually, the Montessori Busy Board offers a sneak peek into school readiness. With every touch, your little one practices hand-eye coordination and attention span.

Montessori Busy Board.

Also, say goodbye to shoe-tying struggles! This busy board transforms your child into a self-sufficient champ. Shoelaces, zippers, snap pockets, and buckles keep them engaged and learning, all with a smile on their face. This toy also helps toddlers:

  • Practice hand-eye coordination
  • Prepares kids for school by boosting attention span
  • Promotes independence
  • Keeps children engaged and focused during travel

Simple, efficient, and packed with learning - the Montessori Busy Board is a must-have for every little learner!


Busy boards are incredible for sensory play, fine motor skills, and, most of all, teaching kids important life lessons. They also give parents a much-needed break while their little ones play independently.

We suggest going with the Montessori Wooden Switch Board, as it packs everything your kid needs today. Other options are great, too, so you might want to explore a bit more before deciding which is the best fit for your kid.

And if you need any help, we’re here to help!

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