Quiet Time with Montessori: Calming Toys for Toddlers

Did you know that the Montessori method of learning has been rocking the education scene for over a century? Yep, Dr. Maria Montessori kicked off this whole child-led learning thing way back then.

But hey, Montessori is much more than books and pencils. This education method is also about finding peace and quiet.

Baby sitting on the floor and watching mom setting up wooden blocks.

Now, picture this: a place where toddlers can kick back and relax while playing. That’s possible, but with a little help from Montessori calming toys. These Montessori toys for 2 year olds have a special way of bringing comfort and joy to children, even when their emotions get big.

So, today, we’ll get right into the methodology of Montessori calming toys and how they work. We’ll also discuss how to best introduce them to your child’s play. Let’s begin.

Understanding Calming Toys in the Montessori Context

In Montessori, calming toys often revolve around sensory play. Ok, great, but what are sensory toys? They're toys that engage all the senses, like sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell. These toys come in different shapes, colors, and textures, making playtime a sensory adventure for kids.

Now, why are these toys such a big deal? Well, besides being loads of fun, they're like brain boosters for kids. During those early years, exposure to a sensory-rich environment can improve cognitive abilities, research shows. Plus, these toys also help kids become better problem solvers and more creative thinkers.

Little girl holding her stacking toy with a satisfied face.

Types of Calming and Sensory Toys for Toddlers

One would think that sensory toys are only good for sensory exploration, but what about their calming effect on kids? It’s simple: they just go together. So, let’s see some of the most popular calming toys that bring the power of sensory play to our toddlers: 

Close up on little girl's hands playing with colorful wooden puzzles.

  • Textured toys: These ones are all about touch! Kids get to explore squishy, bumpy, or smooth surfaces, learning through touch.

  • Visual stimulation toys: Bright colors, bold patterns, and moving parts! These toys simply spark curiosity in every kid.

  • Sound and music toys: These toys make sounds or play music, turning up the volume on kids' sense of hearing and maybe even their karaoke skills; who knows?

  • Proprioceptive toys: These toys are like big hugs for kids' senses, providing deep pressure and resistance to help them stay cool, calm, and focused.

Montessori Calming Toys for Toddlers

Did you know that one of the best ways for your toddler to learn how to regulate emotions is through sensory play? That’s right. But, in order for them to calm down and enjoy some quiet time, it’s important to pick the right toys.

That’s where Montessori steps in. So, let’s see some cool toys that can help you in this field.

Montessori Rainbow

Why does everyone love this toy, you may ask? Because it's not just fun, nope. This toy is a calm learning party for toddlers! With the Montessori wooden rainbow toy, kids learn about shapes, sizes, and colors while playing in a quiet setting at home or at preschool.

They can build bridges, castles, and more, all while having a blast. And, since this toy requires concentration and focus, your toddler will have their hands full.

Montessori Rainbow.

Here's why this toy rocks:

1. Learning and fun: Kids stack and sort the rainbow pieces, learning about balance, colors, and shapes, all with their little fingers.

2. Focus and skills: As they play, kids improve their focus and fine motor skills. Plus, they learn patience and independence as they build their masterpieces.

3. No screens needed: Say goodbye to screen time! This toy keeps kids engaged for quite some time. It's old-school fun with a modern twist, you bet!

4. Safe and eco-friendly: Made of wood with non-toxic paint, it's safe for kids and the planet. So you can relax knowing your child is playing with something safe and eco-friendly.

Imagine the smile on your child's face when they unwrap this toy. It’s an invite into the sensory play in a quiet setting. 

Montessori Busy Board

Why are parents rushing to get a busy board? Because they want their kids to start learning early, and this toy is the ticket! The Montessori Busy Board is a perfect way to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention span in toddlers.

And guess what? If you introduce this toy to your kid in a quiet setting at home, they’ll have a blast. Also, the busy board helps kids with important skills like using zippers, buttons, and buckles.

Montessori Busy Board.

Now, let's check out the cool features:

1. Shoelaces: Kids can practice tying shoelaces, making getting dressed a breeze!

2. Zipper: Zipping and unzipping keep little hands busy and entertained.

3. Snap pocket: Opening and closing the pocket is a fun challenge that builds persistence.

4. Buckles: Different types of buckles provide a hands-on way to learn and play.

Best of all, the tactile elements and interactive features of this sensory toy engage kids' senses and make learning even more fun.

Montessori Silicone Pulling Toy Review

Wondering how to boost your toddler’s sensory play and calm them down? Meet the Montessori Silicone Pulling Toy! This toy helps them explore touch, improve vision, and, most importantly, teach them how to push and pull objects the right way.

Although this toy seems perfect for babies, your toddler can also benefit from it. As your little one pulls strings, presses buttons, and explores the silicone surface, they're learning to concentrate and focus better.

Montessori Silicone Pulling Toy.

Here's what makes it awesome:

  • Brain boost: It challenges your kid’s brain and helps develop fine motor skills.

  • Screen-free play: This toy keeps your little one engaged without any gadgets or screens.

  • Active learning: With its interactive features, it encourages exploration and curiosity.

So, if you want a toy that's not just fun but also promotes learning in a calm and tranquil setting, the Montessori Silicone Pulling Toy is the way to go!

Best Practices for Introducing Calming Toys

Little boy sitting on his knees and assembling a wooden track.

When it comes to introducing calming toys to your child, a few simple practices can make a lot of difference. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your child's calming toy experience:

  • Create a calm space: Make a quiet area where your child can play peacefully with their calming toys, away from distractions.

  • Change up toys: Keep things interesting by swapping out calming toys regularly so your child stays engaged and curious.

  • Let them explore: Encourage your child to play independently with their toys, allowing them to discover and enjoy at their own pace.

  • Make it routine: Let calming toys become a routine, like before bed or during quiet time, for a comforting and familiar experience.

Now, let’s check out these Montessori toys that naturally go hand-in-hand with enjoying and learning in the present, a.k.a mindfulness. 


Quiet time with Montessori and calming toys is all about giving toddlers a peaceful and focused play experience. By creating a calm environment and making calming toys part of daily routines, we help nurture our child's growth and comfort.

So, the next time you catch your little one fussing about something, introduce them to one of the calming toys we mentioned here. You’ll love the result, and they’ll love it too!

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