Montessori Toys and Language Development: 

Building Vocabulary Early On

Have you ever wondered how people first started talking? What was the very first word? It's a bit of a puzzle, but one thing is clear: it’s in human nature to try to communicate from day one.

Language is like a special gift that parents give to their kids, and then kids pass it on to their own kids. Dr. Maria Montessori, who knew a lot about how kids learn, saw how much kids love to talk and share ideas.

Talking helps us tell others what we need or what we're thinking. It's how we work together and teach each other.

Siblings enjoying reading a book in the bed.

So, if you're a parent, you're already teaching your toddler a bunch of new words every day, pointing out things like trees and dogs and reading them stories. However, one of the best tools to use for language development is Montessori toys for 1 year olds.

In that light, we'll see how Montessori toys can help kids learn language and new words during these really important early years. We'll talk about different toys and tricks that make learning fun and easy. So, let's get started!

How Does Montessori Support Language Development?

Montessori found something really cool: when kids are around people talking, they almost always start talking, too. They just can’t help it! So, practicing language development is best in a place where kids are surrounded by words and sounds to soak up.

In Montessori, it's believed that using advanced words in daily talk helps toddlers learn language better.

Here’s how Montessori can help with this:

  • Speak clearly and slowly: Kids learn best when they can hear words clearly and at a pace they can understand.

  • Repeat new words: When introducing new words, say them a few times so kids can remember them.

  • Sing songs and read poems: These are fun ways to expose kids to new words and sounds in a playful way.

By doing all these things, we help kids build a strong foundation for learning language.

Little girl sitting on the floor and playing with wooden alphabet letters.

Montessori Toys: Tools for Language Development

Montessori toys are specially created to ignite language development in kids, at least some of them. They're like little language coaches, making learning new words as easy as possible.

So, let’s see some of the best toys that you can use to help your kid with the language development:

1. Montessori Baby Soft Book

The Montessori Baby Soft Book is a fantastic tool for helping little ones explore language. With its soft, safe pages and colorful designs, it's ideal for tiny hands to touch and explore. Each page is packed with textures to feel, colors to see, and sounds to hear.

This makes it a fun and engaging way for babies to learn new words. Also, parents and caregivers can use the soft book to interact with their baby. You can describe the pictures, make animal noises, and talk about the different shapes and colors.

Montessori Baby Soft Book Ocean.

On top of it all, because it's durable and easy to clean, the Montessori Baby Soft Book is perfect for adventures. Think about the park, on a road trip, or simply snuggling up at home. With its knack for turning learning into playtime and keeping boredom at bay, this toy is a language-learning tool for every toddler. 

2. Montessori Felt Bunny

With its colorful decorations and interactive design, the Montessori Felt Bunny is perfect for sparking creativity and imagination. Plus, it's great for language development, as kids can talk about the shapes, colors, and patterns with their parents.

Setting up this toy is super easy and fun, it’s a family activity. You’ll be ready to go in just 30 seconds! And once it's up, your child will have endless fun decorating and redecorating it day after day.

Montessori Felt Bunny.

But the best part? As kids play with the felt bunny, they'll be developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and focus as well. All these skills are essential for language development.

And don't worry about safety, as this toy is made of soft, non-toxic felt with no sharp edges. It's sturdy enough to withstand all your child's adventures, ensuring hours of safe, creative play.

3. Montessori Vegetable Set

Want to teach your toddler about healthy foods while boosting their language skills? The Montessori Vegetable Set is here to help! With colorful veggies to play with, kids can learn names, colors, and shapes while having fun.

As they "plant" each veggie like little gardeners, kids are also planting the seeds of language development! This interactive toy cultivates conversations about colorful carrots, cheeky cucumbers, and all other veggies. Hey, it’s all about nurturing budding language skills along the way.

Montessori Vegetable Set.

And if your little veggie skeptic gives you the side-eye at mealtime, fret not! With these friendly veggies as toys, they'll go from skeptical to sensational in no time. Who knows, they might even take a bite out of a real-life carrot or two!

Most importantly, there’s a whole lot of room for learning about new words and stuff with the Montessori Vegetable Set.

4. Montessori Baby Cloth Book

Struggling to engage with your little one? Then, the Montessori Baby Cloth Book is the perfect toy for your kid! As you read and explore together, your kid learns new words and discover the world around them. All while having fun.

What sets this cloth book apart is its ability to push you to engage with your toddler actively. Everyone loves hearing stories, and your kid does too. So, when you’re telling them about how the penguin befriended the shark or how the dog made sheep smile, they’re learning so much.

Montessori Baby Cloth Book.

On top of that, safety is a top priority for every parent, and that's why it's our priority, too. Every part of this cloth book is soft and gentle, yet durable enough to withstand all the gnawing and tearing your kid can dish out.


Montessori toys play a crucial role in building vocabulary early on in a child's development journey. They create fun experiences that help little ones learn new words and improve their communication skills.

So, no matter if your kid is playing with a soft book, a veggie set, or a cloth book, these toys are the perfect way to kickstart a child's learning journey and set them up for success!

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