Mess-free Christmas tree 

designed for 

child development

It's so safe, you'll let your toddler decorate it on their own. 

33% OFF | Limited-Time Offer

Bring Montessori into your home.

It's all about your child!

Your kid will both have fun and develop their skills through play. It’s playing with purpose.

Soft design for soft hands.

Say goodbye to worrying about glass ornaments and pine needles. This tree will make your holidays carefree.

Sturdy and easy to store.

You’ll get a toy that will last you for years. The secret is in the highest-quality felt and our sewing technique.

Want to hear what others say?

There’s nothing like good ol’ word of mouth. 

Get ready for the best deal of your life:


33% holiday discount

Free delivery to your doorstep

1-year satisfaction guarantee

Add a Snowmanand save $49.97 on your order.

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