The Top 5 Montessori Toys Every 1-Year-Old Will Love

When it comes to finding the perfect toys for your 1-year-old, it's a jungle out there. The toy store shelves are brimming with options, all claiming to be good for your young ones.

Toddler playing with a wooden car toy.

As parents, we all want the best for our babies, and that includes providing them with toys that not only entertain but also nurture their growing minds. But how do you swim through the sea of options to find toys that truly align with educational principles like those of Montessori education, known for its emphasis on child-led, hands-on learning?

Don't worry; we've got you covered. Today, we'll navigate the world of Montessori-inspired toys for 1-year-olds and help you discover the top 5 gems your little explorer will adore. These toys aren't just about play; they're carefully crafted to support your child's development and curiosity.

How to Choose Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Olds?

When choosing Montessori toys for 1-year-olds, focus on items that promote sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and open-ended play. Opt for toys made of natural materials like wood, avoid electronic or overly complex toys, and select items that encourage independence and engagement, such as stacking blocks, simple puzzles, and sensory balls.

Baby boy biting a wooden rattle toy.

At the age of 1, your little one is taking their first significant steps on the development path. It's an exciting time when they're moving from being a dependent newborn to a more curious toddler. While each child develops at a unique pace, there are common milestones that most 1-year-olds tend to reach.

Here's what to look out for according to typical developmental guidelines:

  • Exploring the world: Your 1-year-old is a little explorer, eager to understand the world around them. They may start to crawl or even take their first wobbly steps. Exploring their surroundings is a key part of movement and coordination development.

  • Communication skills: While they might not be saying full sentences just yet, your 1-year-old is beginning to communicate in their own way. They may babble, make gestures, and understand simple words. Their interaction with you and others is growing, and they may start pointing at objects to express interest.

  • Fine motor skills: You'll notice your 1-year-old's fine motor skills improving. They may be able to pick up small objects with their thumb and forefinger, and they might enjoy activities like stacking blocks or turning pages in a soft book.

  • Physical abilities: As they become more mobile, your 1-year-old is likely to start pulling themselves up to stand, possibly even taking their first steps. They might enjoy simple games that involve rolling a ball or practicing their balance.

  • Sensory exploration: At this age, your child's senses are in overdrive. They are fascinated by the textures, colors, and sounds of the world. Toys that promote sensory activities, such as soft touch-and-feel books or musical toys, can be particularly captivating for them.

  • Social interaction: While they may not engage in elaborate group activities just yet, 1-year-olds are starting to understand the concept of interaction. They might enjoy playing alongside other children and become interested in watching what their parents and older siblings do.

What Does the Montessori Method Stand For?

The Montessori method is a beacon of child-centered learning. It centers around fostering self-directed education through discovery rather than instruction, helping children develop at their own pace. 

Two year old girl playing with coloful puzzles.

So, what exactly does the Montessori method stand for, and how does it influence a child's development?

The Montessori method touches every part of a child's development, encompassing cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth. It grants children the freedom to explore their own unique paths of development, igniting their innate curiosity and fostering qualities like self-direction, confidence, and enthusiasm for learning.

Most Important Principles of the Montessori Method

Here are some principles of Montessori education that most Montessori experts and enthusiasts agree upon:

  • Free Choice: Encourages children to take responsibility for their learning journey, granting them the freedom to choose their path. While certain limits exist, this freedom expands the range of possibilities.

  • Order: Recognizes that the learning environment's order can enhance or inhibit the learning process. Montessori classrooms are thoughtfully organized to meet physical and conceptual requirements.

  • Interest: Acknowledges that a child's genuine interest in a subject significantly enhances material adoption. Learning is most effective when children engage with topics they find intriguing.

  • Movement: Emphasizes that children learn by interacting with their environment. Movement is a vital part of their experience as they explore the world around them.

  • Context: Contrasts traditional memorization-based learning with a "learning by doing" approach. Children choose what captures their attention and construct their own learning pathways.

  • Learning From Peers: Recognizes that imitation is a primary form of learning among children. Montessori classrooms allow children to learn from their peers, often inspiring each other.

  • Teacher's Guidance: The teacher's role is far from passive. They create an optimal learning environment, set boundaries for children to explore, and provide emotional support. This preparation equips students for future challenges.

Top 5 Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Olds: Our Pick

Here are the best Montessori toys for your 1-year-old.

1. Montessori Geometric Eggs: Shape Your Baby's Learning Journey

Montessori Geometric Eggs.

The Montessori Geometric Eggs are designed to be your child's indispensable companions on this exciting journey of discovery.

These eggs offer a hands-on exploration of shapes and colors, helping your child gain a deeper understanding of geometry and the basics of STEM. Holding, examining, and fitting shapes together allow children to truly grasp the nature of colors and shapes, creating a strong foundation for learning.

Beyond enriching cognitive skills, the Montessori Geometric Eggs also enhance fine motor skills, memory, and focus. They're both safe and durable, designed with smooth edges and materials that meet international safety standards. Plus, they're the ideal playdate companion, fitting into any bag for on-the-go fun.

2. Montessori Building Blocks: Shaping Tomorrow's Problem-Solvers

Montessori Building Blocks.

Montessori Building Blocks are more than just toys; they play a crucial role in shaping your child's development. These blocks teach essential skills, from understanding shapes and sizes to mastering balance and coordination, preparing your child for academic and practical challenges.

In a screen-dominated world, these blocks offer a wholesome alternative, enhancing problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and language skills. They boost fine motor skills and memory while keeping your child joyfully engaged. These blocks nurture focus, independence, and self-discipline, fostering well-rounded development. Made from eco-friendly, natural materials, they're not only safe but also sustainable.

3. Montessori 360 Christmas Tree: Celebrate the Holidays with Purpose

Montessori  360 Christmas Tree.

Why should your child have their own Christmas tree? The answer is simple - your child should experience holiday traditions, have the opportunity to express their creativity, and feel like an integral part of the holiday. However, handing them a fragile glass ornament is far from ideal.

That's why we've created the Montessori 360 Christmas Tree, tailor-made for toddlers, so you can relax and enjoy the season. Crafted from soft, child-friendly felt, this tree ensures safety while fostering skill development. It's more than just a holiday pastime; it's an educational tool. Playing with this tree enhances fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, imagination, creativity, focus, and attention span. 

4. Montessori Shape Blocks: Shaping a World of Focus and Creativity

Montessori  Shape Blocks.

How do you prevent your one-year-old from turning your home into a chaotic playground? While their fascination with throwing and smashing is part of growing up, you don't have to sacrifice your favorite china. Montessori Shape Blocks introduce your child to toys that demand attention, precision, and fine motor skills, preserving your furniture while instilling focus and order.

For drama-free bath times, these blocks offer a soothing distraction, promoting hand-eye coordination and concentration. They reduce restlessness and anxiety, keeping kids engaged for hours, all while enhancing logical reasoning and self-discipline. Crafted from safe, durable ABS plastic and fitted with an elastic rope, these blocks are as child-friendly as they come.

5. Montessori Rainbow: Shaping Tomorrow's Creators and Innovators

Montessori  Rainbow.

The Montessori Rainbow isn't just a toy; it's an early introduction to a world of creativity and innovation. As children explore the colorful arches and pegs, they simultaneously dive into the realms of shapes, sizes, and colors. This educational masterpiece lays the foundation for future engineers, builders, designers, and artists, making it a beloved favorite for children of all ages.

Through play, the Montessori Rainbow challenges young minds, encouraging them to construct bridges, design mazes, build castles, and create imaginative drawings. It enhances focus, fine motor skills, logical reasoning, and self-discipline while reducing restlessness and anxiety.


Navigating the world of toys is already a daunting task, and when you seek more than just entertainment, the challenge can feel exhausting. This is where Montessori toys step in, serving as the bridge between play and learning.

Deeply rooted in the teachings of Maria Montessori, these toys are carefully crafted to spark your child's curiosity and refine their fundamental skills, all while ensuring hours of pure, unadulterated fun. The Montessori toys for one-year-olds we've explored today represent an investment in your child's exploration and growth.

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