Choosing Montessori Toys for 2-Year-Olds: What You Need to Know

As your child turns two, their curiosity explodes. From being fascinated by cars or trains to enjoying arts and crafts and anything in between. At this age, they’re begging to understand how some things work around them, which is only fueling their exploration side.

That’s exactly the time when the right kind of toys come into play - Montessori toys for 2 year olds.

Cute wooden stacking Montessori toys on display.

These toys are not just meant to entertain your child; they are designed to make play a learning session. But how can you know which toy to get and what to look out for when considering your child’s new playtime companion?

Let us help.

Think of it as a guide to choosing Montessori toys that make learning a blast, keeping it simple, safe, and totally connected to the things your little one loves.

Understanding the Montessori Approach for 2-Year-Olds

Dr. Maria Montessori, the brains behind this approach, believed that children should lead the way when it comes to playing and learning. So, for our 2-year-olds, it's like letting them be the boss of their playtime adventure but with the right kind of toys and equipment.

Therefore, in Montessori, 2-year-olds enjoy sensory play, such as squishing playdough or exploring carved wooden figurines. Hands-on activities like these enhance their curiosity by allowing them to feel and discover new things.

That’s why Montessori toys are designed with a unique idea in mind - to keep our kids exploring and learning new stuff every time they play.

Little boy playing with wooden  multicolor Montessori flower stacking toy.

Choosing Montessori Toys for Your 2-Year-Old: What to Look For

Ok, let’s talk toys now. We, as parents, want to provide our children with fun and educational toys, but what’s the important thing to look out for?

Let’s find out.

1. Safety first: When it comes to toys, safety is the most important aspect. Look for toys with no tiny bits that could be a choking risk. We want your 2-year-old to have fun without any worries.

2. Toys that encourage thinking and problem-solving: Pick toys that make those little brains work. It could be simple puzzles, colorful blocks, or toys that help them learn new words. We're aiming for toys that make playtime a smart adventure.

3. Simplicity and fun - No complicated stuff: Keep it simple! Choose toys that your 2-year-old can handle without feeling frustrated. We want them to enjoy playtime and not get stressed out.

A white playroom shelf full of Montessori stacking and puzzle toys.

4. Sensory exploration - Feeling, seeing, hearing: Montessori toys should be interesting to touch, captivating to see, or maybe even make gentle sounds. These toys help your 2-year-old explore and understand the world around them.

5. Environmentally friendly toys: Look for environmentally friendly options, toys made from eco-friendly materials that nurture your child's development while being safe and natural. 

How to Select Montessori Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Toys play a crucial role in the development of 2-year-olds, influencing their cognitive, motor, and sensory skills. Therefore, choosing the right Montessori toys requires you to acknowledge your child’s skills and developmental milestones

Baby's hand placing a red star puzzle on the wooden Montessori board.

  • Watch and learn: Take a sneak peek into your 2-year-old's world. What are they into? What activities do they repeat with joy? Observing your little one helps you understand their interests and pick toys that match their curiosity.

  • What skills are they building: Think about the skills your 2-year-old is currently learning. Are they stacking blocks, sorting shapes, or exploring textures? Montessori toys should align with these developmental milestones, making playtime both fun and educational. Your job would be to find the toy that matches their skills, which will allow your child to develop further in that direction.

  • Toys that empower: Look for toys that encourage independence, like ones they can easily handle and explore on their own. This builds confidence and a sense of achievement. One great example is the Montessori Penguin's Clock. This toy allows your child to stack little blocks in corresponding holes while learning about numbers and time.

So, when you're on the lookout for Montessori toys, be like a detective. Look for clues in your child’s development, but remember to mix up the fun and always keep it simple. 

Examples of Montessori Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Here are a couple of great examples of Montessori toys for two-year-olds. Let’s divide them into categories:

Sorting Sensation

Montessori toys that get those little hands busy are always a good idea. Think about toys with colorful shapes and sizes that your 2-year-old can sort and stack.

Colorful Montessori wooden blocks shaped like Tetris pieces.

One good example would be the Montessori Building Blocks. These are specially designed to challenge your child to think and sort colorful shapes in the right place. 

Puzzling Playtime

Big puzzles with large, chunky pieces are perfect for toddlers. Your 2-year-old can enjoy the satisfaction of fitting pieces together, boosting both their problem-solving skills and sense of achievement.

Montessori Happy Puzzles (6 Pack).

Probably the best toy to go with is the Montessori Happy Puzzles. These puzzles are fun, colorful, and pretty interesting. Your child will learn how to overcome problems while solving these puzzles. Best of all, after some time, they will memorize the pattern, making it easy to solve the puzzle, which will boost their confidence.

Exploration Station

Montessori believes in the power of sensory play. Your 2-year-old can squish, squeeze, and explore different textures, enhancing their tactile senses. This will allow them to understand the world around them.

Baby exploring sensory play by playing with toys in a sandbox.

Good example: Take a bin and fill it with all sorts of sensory toys or materials. Use rice, sand, or even dirt if you want to do a bit of cleaning after. Also, remember to wash their hands as soon as they’re done playing.


When it comes to Montessori toys for 2-year-olds, playtime becomes an adventure filled with sensory exploration and joy. By understanding your child's interests, selecting toys aligned with their developmental milestones, and embracing the principles of independence, you create an environment that nurtures both curiosity and confidence.

With that in mind, let us be your next go-to place for choosing Montessori toys. Start simple, as there’s no need to rush. Explore every option and decide which toy best aligns with your child’s preferences.

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