5 Must-Have Montessori Toys to Teach Colors and Shapes to Your Baby

Within the first few years of life, a baby's brain undergoes a remarkable period of rapid development, forming thousands of neural connections every second. This early brain development lays the foundation for future learning and cognitive abilities. 

Baby boy laying on his belly and playing with silicone block toys.

Montessori education, founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 20th century, fits perfectly alongside babies’ brain development.

So, today, we’ll explore Montessori toys that are specially designed to introduce your baby to the exciting world of colors and shapes. These toys are crafted to engage and support cognitive growth during this crucial early stage.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Best Montessori Color and Shapes Toys - Our Pick

We've chosen these toys with care to make sure they're both educational and fun for your little one. Each toy combines smart design and natural materials and aligns with the Montessori learning method

1. Montessori Baby Cloth Book

Montessori Baby Cloth Book.

For new parents, finding ways to connect with their little ones can be challenging at first. However, the Montessori Baby Cloth Book steps in as a perfect solution, offering not only entertainment but also teaching colors through interactive play.

Here are some of the main benefits that this toy offers:

  • Sensory play: This toy engages your baby's senses on each page. Whether your baby is learning about the Sea World or the Jungle Adventure, their senses will be engaged. The soft fabric encourages them to explore through touch while they learn about colors.

  • Hearing and grasping skills: Looking at and interacting with the book stimulates auditory senses and promotes spatial awareness. On top of that, grasping the pages helps them develop fine motor skills.

  • Visual delight and bonding: Colorful elements within the book will catch your baby's attention. This interactive play enables a strong bonding experience between you and your little one.

With all that in mind, parents can also rest assured that this toy is easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, you’ll find that this baby cloth book is safe for your little one, so you can leave them to explore it all they want. 

2. Montessori Baby Stacking Cups

Montessori Baby Stacking Cups.

From grabbing their first toy to building beachside castles, Montessori Baby Stacking Cups are perfect for your baby's growing years. These cups aren't just for play; they can also teach your child about shapes and colors.

These cups are packed with benefits for your little one, let’s see them:

  • Versatility in play: Montessori baby stacking cups belong to the open-ended toys. This means that your baby can play with them the way they like. One moment, they can stack them; a minute later, these cups can be the tastiest chewing sensation.

  • Soothing sensory play: Designed for touching and exploring, these cups are great for engaging your little one’s senses. The soft and flexible material adds an extra layer of tactile joy for your baby.

  • Skills and logical thinking: Playing with the cups teaches essential skills like problem-solving and logical thinking. Each interaction with the cups ensures cognitive engagement. Also, besides learning about shapes, these cups also enhance your child’s ability to solve problems. 

Most importantly, you can introduce these cups to your baby in a lot of different ways. One tip: Let your baby play with these cups right before bedtime, as they ensure a calming transition, making bedtime more relaxing.

3. Montessori Newborn Contrast Book

Montessori Newborn Contrast Book.

As a new parent, you're undoubtedly focused on every aspect of your baby's development. Yet, the visual part is easy to overlook. The Montessori Newborn Contrast Book is probably the best toy to teach your little one about colors while also nurturing their sight development early on.

The most noticeable advantages of this book are:

  • Brain boost and improved focus: The book's black-and-white pages are designed to grab your baby's attention, supporting further brain development. According to the American Optometric Association, babies learn to distinguish colors around the 5th month of birth. So, this book is great for infants as it catches their eye and engages them in play.

  • Visualization of shapes: Apart from black and white design, this book also promotes shapes. Each page features either circles, stars, triangles, or even snowflakes. By constantly playing with this book, your baby will learn how to distinguish between these shapes later on.

  • Extended engagement and concentration: With its design promoting long engagement, the book helps build concentration and attention span. More on that, this book can stimulate images to spark curiosity, which is great for teaching your baby to explore and learn new stuff as they grow. 

So, make sure to integrate the Montessori Newborn Contrast Book into your routine, turning visual stimulation into beautiful moments. This book will help your child learn through play and have loads of fun while doing so.

4. Montessori Shape Blocks

Montessori Shape Blocks.

Ever tried stopping your one-year-old from throwing things? We get it – it's a challenge. But Montessori Shape Blocks are here to help redirect that energy into focused and constructive play.

Some of the most noticeable benefits of this toy include:

  • Building focus and precise movements: These blocks introduce toys that grab your child’s attention, promoting focus and precise hand movements. There are over five different shapes included in the package, making this toy a perfect choice for teaching your little one about shapes.

  • Happy bath sessions: This toy will transform messy bath sessions into constructive play. It adds a splash of fun while promoting hand-eye coordination and grasping skills.

  • Calm play and logical thinking: Blocks help your child concentrate, stay calm, and improve logical thinking through purposeful play. Learning about colors and shapes becomes a fun experience, especially since babies love exploring new things every day. 

These blocks are perfect for introducing shapes to your baby, and while doing so, they will also benefit other fields of development as well.

5. Montessori Object Permanence Box

Montessori Object Permanence Box.

Support your child's growth right from the crawling days with the Montessori Object Permanence Box. This wooden toy becomes quite a friend when it comes to grabbing and exploring, which also boosts problem-solving skills.

Apart from that, your child will learn about shapes and colors as this box features a wooden red ball. Also, the box is built from several wooden squares that differ in shape and size.

Let’s see the exact benefits that this toy brings:

  • Grasp and coordination boost: This toy is perfect for strengthening grasp, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Every play session contributes to mastering these essential skills while also learning about shapes.

  • Discovering object interaction: Introduce the magic of understanding that things still exist even when out of sight. This toy ensures your child will learn about patterns and how things work when put into action.

  • Games for focus and attention: Multi-layered games in this box enhance focus and attention span in an enjoyable way. Each task introduces a bit more challenge, promoting concentration and cognitive growth.

On top of it all, this toy builds tiny muscles and motor skills while also providing great training for the brain. In short, this box is perfect for endless play and exploration.


We all know that playtime is more than fun when it comes to babies. They learn while playing, while having fun, and while exploring new ways to entertain themselves. That’s why we have to show them the right tools to do so.

And with the right kind of toys, your baby will learn about colors and shapes while also developing in other fields. So, make sure to introduce these toys to your child, as they are perfect for exploring and learning.

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