Montessori Woodpecker


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Wish to hit two birds with one educational stone?

Obviously, you won't be hitting any actual birds with this toy or any other, for that matter. When we said birds, we meant learning milestones

You'll teach your kids about local wildlife and provide them with a toy that trains their hand-eye coordination, matching ability, and fine motor skills. These traits ease children's way into formal education and the tasks ahead.

Little girl playing with Montessori Woodpecker toy and placing a worm inside the bird's mouth.

Did you know playing and learning come hand in hand?

Or "wing in wing" in our case. It will benefit your child's grasping, which is helpful while holding a pen or a mug. It improves color recognition, making it easier for them to color pictures in kindergarten. It also shows magnetism, giving you a perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to basic physics.

A display of Montessori Woodpecker educational toy pieces, with green, orange, yellow, and purple worms coming out of the tree.
  • Helps focus, sparks imagination, and develops logical reasoning

  • Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in children

  • Keeps your child engaged and motivated to learn for hours

  • Develops independence, patience, attention span, self-discipline

This is a "real" woodpecker's tree.

Even though this toy is not made of wood, we used other materials safe for human use. It will have no adverse effects on your child's skin after hours of play. If you left it outside for a few days, a real woodpecker would probably come to inhabit it. It's that close to a real thing.

Mother and daughter smiling while playing with Montessori Woodpecker in daughter's room.

How to make a day in a park educational.

Plan for a day out in the open. A good old picnic or walk across the countryside. Doesn't matter which one you choose. There's always room for our woodpecker friend. Sit your kid down and tell them stories your parents told you about birds inhabiting your area, making nests, and chirping. It's fun and creates memories for a lifetime

Dimensions of a woodpecker, colorful worms, and a tree from the Montessori Woodpecker toy set.

A first gift in the pecking order!

When choosing a birthday present, this is your first and last stop. That's it. No need to look any further. You know everything you need about this toy, and there's no way you will pick something else. Why would you? Unless you want to buy two of these. Then two of these are the best birthday present.

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  • Age: 2+
  • Size: 7.5in x 3.5in (19 x 9cm)
  • Material: ABS plastic

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