Montessori Double Sided Matching Game

Montessori Double Sided Matching Game

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Enhance the creative side of your child. šŸ’”Ā 

Do you need an amazing toy to develop theĀ logical thinkingĀ of your kids? Let your kids not only enjoy the game but alsoĀ unleash their potentialĀ with thisĀ Montessori Double-Sided Matching Game!

Developing Skills.

It has a cleverly designed simple wooden stand to set up the toy easily, in which you can randomly extract a card and move it up, down, left, and right to match the card design. The perfect toy to help themĀ recognize colorsĀ andĀ develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and matching skills.Ā 

Child's Brain Development Depends On Mom And Dad's Education Level, Income

PerfectĀ Montessori Generation ToyĀ ForĀ EarlyĀ Development.

Thanks to our color and fruit matching mazeā€™s intricate design that tests and helps develop your childā€™s cognitive thinking skills, itā€™s ideal for providing an early start on your childā€™sĀ Montessori development.

How To Play:

  1. A cleverly designed simple stand that erects the toy.
  2. Randomly extract a title card, move it up, down, left and right to achieve the graphic effect on the card.

PerfectĀ Bonding.

It is an excellent product as an interactive toy for (grand)parents and children. Finally, it is also a fun toy and an ideal gift for children.Ā 


Age Range:Ā >3 years old
Size:Ā 22.5*18 cm
Weight:Ā 0.3kg
Material:Ā Our products are selected from high-quality solid wood; the material is environmentally friendly, natural, and no smell. The products are exquisitely crafted and hand-polished to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of burrs, which is better play for children.

It includesĀ 18 title cards!


Donā€™t look at this as a simple toy purchase because it certainly isnā€™t.
Look at this as an investment in yourĀ child's future, and you have to admit that it isĀ priceless.
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